Bit wild and windy tonight!

Oh dear, it seems to be blowing a hooley here in 56. Fingers crossed that it is nothing like last week. Thought I’d take a peek at the weather forecast for next week though and I was very pleasantly surprised……


That’s more like it!

We’ve had a busy weekend here at La Petite Ferme. Lots of painting and sorting out done today in preparation for the opening of the Chambre d’Hôtes, so the guest rooms will be going online very soon! Watch this space!

For anyone who is thinking of buying a house over here and doing some renovation work, a word of advice….bring your paint from the UK! I am all for using French products and buying over here the vast majority of the time…. apart from the paint. French emulsion is really expensive to buy, is not great quality and hence does not cover so well. It has, basically, nothing going for it all….in my experience. However, having said that, tile paint from Bricodepot is one of the best products I’ve ever used! So I guess it’s swings and roundabouts.

I am suddenly aware that it is nearly 9pm and I haven’t eaten. This is something that has to be sorted out!

Bonne soirée and chat again soon!



What a good day!

As those of you who read my witterings yesterday know, I had a meeting to attend this morning. So, I put one of my other work ‘hats’ on, trundled off and, I have to say, the meeting was far more successful than I thought it was going to be. I love it when I’m wrong and the result of the meeting is me writing out a facture!

My theory to earning a living over here is that you have to have many strings to your bow. I have spoken to other people who feel the same. So, as far as I am concerned, I am just opening the Chambre d’Hôtes, which, of course, is fairly seasonal but I have other irons in the fire, such as being an Independent Organiser for Usborne Childrens’ Books, that I hope will take over when the tourist season is quiet, whilst still ticking over slowly in the background during the summer. That’s my theory anyway! We’ll have to see but it seems to work for others so fingers crossed!

As for the critters, they have been enjoying this beautiful, spring day and warm sunshine. Sage, the ram, was so engrossed in grazing that I managed to get through the gate without him even noticing! Might be different now though…..they have very good, built in clocks! I have now collected enough eggs from the girls to start up the incubator again. So will turn it on this evening and ensure that the correct temperature is reached and is stable and then pop the eggs in tomorrow morning. It’s amazing how long 21 days can seem when waiting for the patter of tiny feet!

Well, I’d best be off to see my mate Sage for our nightly game! Hopefully I’ll win tonight!

Bon weekend and chat soon!

My battle is lost!

This battle, you understand, is not one that is going to change the course of history but rather my daily battle with Sage, my Ouessant ram lamb, who sees it as a challenge to escape whilst I have the gate of the field open in order to top up their water and hay.


Sage is the little dear in front with the horns. Looks like butter wouldn’t melt, doesn’t he? Don’t believe a word of it! Tonight when I was opening the gate with a watering can full of water in one hand and the gate in the other, he somehow snuck around the back of my legs and……freedom! Take your eye of the ball for a second and that’s it…he’s out! As you can see, it’s not that he’s short of space or company (actually you may not be able to see the ponies, but they’re there!), it’s just that he sees it as a game!

So after 10 minutes of trying to encourage him to go back into the field – another game, I resorted to bribery with blé and he is now back where he should be….until the next time!

Actually, it was a beautiful evening here in 56 to be outside….warm with a hint of sunshine to make you think that spring is on the way. Also very welcome having worked on the iPad for most of the day, sorting stuff for the opening of the Chambre d’Hôtes at Easter. Lots achieved today but it has left me slightly bog-eyed! So I shall sign off for this evening and make preparations for my meeting in the morning.

Bonne soirée and chat soon!



Welcome to La Petite Ferme!

My first posting! Woohoo! 

So why am I writing a blog, I hear you cry!! Well, my aim is to spread news of what is happening at ‘La Petite Ferme’ to people who are thinking of staying at our Chambre d’Hôtes, so that they know what life here is like; to people who have stayed and want to keep in touch; to people contemplating a move to Brittany, to give an insight of life in rural Brittany or to people who are just interested!

I meant to write a couple of days ago but then, on Sunday night, Storm Zeus, as it affectionately seems to be called, ripped through this part of Brittany, causing chaos in its wake. Considering I have just over 8 hectares of land, 2 huge hangars and numerous established, massive trees, I was extremely lucky that the only casualty outside was my poor twisted willow in the front garden. It could have been much, much worse.


Houdini, the cat, doesn’t seem overly worried! Nothing that a good chainsaw won’t sort out! For the tree that is…..not Houdini!

The only other casualty here were the eggs in the incubator upstairs, which sadly became stone cold when the power went off for several hours after the storm had passed through. But again, we were lucky as several areas around here are still without power 3 days later. Let’s hope the problem is sorted quickly for them. As for here, never one to let adversity stand in the way, more eggs are being collected on a daily basis to start off again in the incubator, so that hopefully in 21 days, the sound of tiny cheeping will be upon us! Watch this space!

Despite the shocking weather over the last few days, there are signs everywhere that Spring will soon be upon us….


These sweeties were found in my basement in an unused bucket, without any compost…I am ashamed to say. However, with a bit of TLC, they have come into their own and are now cheering up the front garden immensely. Amazing what treasures can be found when you’re not looking for them.

Well, I guess I should go outside and give Mimi and Little Chap – my Shetland ponies – their dinner and hay for the night, as well as some hay for the sheep, Rosemary and Sage. Strange how popular you can be when laden with hay and goodies when it’s a bit grey and miserable outside!

Chat again soon!