New arrivals!


Gandalf and his wives have arrived…… who is who is unclear at the moment!

I say ‘they have arrived’ in a very blasé manner but the trip to get them was not without event! Thank you to Ed and Ann Thurstan, who came to rescue me from the side of the road this morning when I was completely lost…..I really wish my sense of direction was better! Actually, I say better….what I mean is that I wish it existed at all. How I used to drive from the UK to Albania and Italy is a mystery to me!

Anyway, having been rescued and having loaded the goslings into the car, we set off to go home on one of the more aromatic journeys that I’ve had recently. This type of journey should not be undertaken if you have a weak stomach or are particularly sensitive to odours! Suffice it to say that all the car doors and windows are currently open…..poor Bertie Berlingo! Goats for him next week too!

Anyway we made it home without taking major detours around Finistère or Morbihan and the goslings are now enjoying dandelion heaven, much to the absolute fascination of the ponies and sheep.

Well, I really don’t think I can drag this cup of tea out any more……time to face the electric fence tape! I need to move the ponies back to their former field where there is less grass. Mimi has gained a few extra pounds in weight, so needs to go on a diet….bless her. I know how she feels!

Bonne journée.




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