We’re open!!

Well…..where has the time gone?!!

La Petite Ferme Chambre d’Hôtes opened its doors to receive guests at Easter as planned!!

Since then, the bookings have been coming in a steady stream and we have had some lovely guests come to stay. We’ve also been getting some great reviews with 10/10 given on all aspects of the Chambre d’Hôtes by one group of guests! Our average review score is 9.8/10 on one booking website…..so far so good!

Life outside with the animals has been a little busy too! We had huge success with the chicks hatching in the incubator just before the Chambre d’Hôtes opened…..17 out of 18 eggs hatched! Sadly a couple of the chicks didn’t make it and some were sold when they were a day old, leaving 11 chicks, who are now absolute bruisers and are going to move in to the big hens’ accommodation at the weekend. They will be joined by 5 Cream Legbar chicks – I love this breed! The demand for eggs is high so extra reinforcements were required!

Also joining us tomorrow are 3 goslings….Gandalf and his 2 wives – and, next week, Laurel and Hardy – 2 kids (of the goat variety!) – are coming to live with us. I think Laurel and Hardy will be great playmates for Sage, my ram, who continues to be very naughty! I hope he doesn’t lead them into bad ways!

So lots of babies around, who, I’m sure, will all contribute something special to life at La Petite Ferme. So all is well…..if not a tad busy!

Laurel and Hardy with their mum, who is also coming to spend her holidays with us for a couple of weeks.


2 thoughts on “We’re open!!

  1. Am loving the name of the boy goose!! The kids look mischievous already, bet Sage can’t wait to lead them astray!! 😄


  2. Gandalf the gander….it had to be done! As for Sage, I am slightly concerned that his nightly escapee battle could become the nightly escapee battle of Sage, Laurel and Hardy! Well goats will be goats….😳😅


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