Delinquent teenagers!


There is an obvious problem with this photo (apart from the quality of the all action shot!) …….Little Chap is on one side of the fence whilst Mimi is on the other! Unbelievable! Seemingly he felt ‘the grass was greener on the other side’, so that was it….he was off! I love the way that the angelic Mimi is looking on in a ‘oh, you are going to be in such trouble for mowing the fence down’ kind of way! At least this time he did have the decency to stay within the outer field boundaries, as opposed to heading off to the Le Ster l’Aer nightclub as he did before, taking Mimi and the sheep with him! So yesterday afternoon was spent repairing fences, although seemingly Little Chap’s Saturday night entertainment was to break through the fence that I had repaired and I was greeted this morning by a smug looking Little Chap, whose face clearly said, ‘You’ll have to do better than that! No trouble!’ So the ponies are now in the other field and tomorrow’s task is moving and repairing fences…..again!!

As for the other delinquent teenager, I am, of course, referring to Sage the ram. Sadly I had to ask the vet to call yesterday, as his eye (Sage’s not the vet’s!) was closed and weeping again. He thinks that either Sage has been sticking his head into places it shouldn’t be and something has got into his eye, causing an ulcer, or he has an infection for whatever reason. So an antibiotic and anti-inflammatory injection later and hopefully things should start to improve for the poor boy. It does mean though that the arrival of Laurel and Hardy (the kids) has had to be delayed, as it would be irresponsible to bring baby animals into a field where there is a potentially contagious infection. The vet agreed as he went sniffling off to his van with the announcement that he thought he had ‘influenza’. By the time the vet had finished, I don’t know who I felt more sorry for….Sage or the vet!! Bless them!

Gandalf and his wives have settled in very well and are doing a great job as lawnmowers! Since their arrival, they have lost the down on their heads and have begun to honk, in true geese style! A friend who visited during the week said that they had grown during the couple of days of her visit! As have the chicks, who are now free ranging nicely and are having a whale of a time. Seems I have a nice distribution of 6 hens and 5 cockerels, although that might change as my broody hen as still broody, despite the eggs she was sitting on not hatching…..poor girl. So one of my jobs this week is to go to Guidel to fetch a couple of day old chicks to pop under her after dark. Hopefully she will think that the artificial eggs that she is sitting on have miraculously hatched and all will be well! If not, under the heat lamp they go and I will have to put some more hatching eggs under her as a last resort. This is not a girl to give up her mission! Not bad for a breed that is never supposed to go broody!

So, a busy  week on the outside creature front and a house full for most of the week too……fantastic! More lovely guests this week – this time from Marseille – and a really good friend of mine also visited.

The week culminated on Friday afternoon with a very successful Book Fair at the library in Guiscriff. Corinne, the lovely librarian, had organised an ‘English Week’ at the library, on the understanding that I went along on Friday afternoon with the Usborne Children’s books. This I did – armed with scones made in the morning, as instructed! – and it was a lovely event. Both Corinne and I were so pleased that we are planning something similar for the time leading up to Christmas.

Also taking shape in my mind is the idea of a craft/outdoor activity break in the autumn, when the Chambre d’Hôtes is a little quieter. This would be a 2 or 3 day event with people staying at the Chambre d’Hôtes, whilst also being open to people in this area for the daytime activities. If anybody has any thoughts on this, please feel free to let me know what you think.

Well, I think that’s all news from here. Best I go and sort out the outside critters and then, as is my wont these days, do some ironing of bed sheets!!

Bonne soirée!





New arrivals!


Gandalf and his wives have arrived…… who is who is unclear at the moment!

I say ‘they have arrived’ in a very blasé manner but the trip to get them was not without event! Thank you to Ed and Ann Thurstan, who came to rescue me from the side of the road this morning when I was completely lost…..I really wish my sense of direction was better! Actually, I say better….what I mean is that I wish it existed at all. How I used to drive from the UK to Albania and Italy is a mystery to me!

Anyway, having been rescued and having loaded the goslings into the car, we set off to go home on one of the more aromatic journeys that I’ve had recently. This type of journey should not be undertaken if you have a weak stomach or are particularly sensitive to odours! Suffice it to say that all the car doors and windows are currently open…..poor Bertie Berlingo! Goats for him next week too!

Anyway we made it home without taking major detours around Finistère or Morbihan and the goslings are now enjoying dandelion heaven, much to the absolute fascination of the ponies and sheep.

Well, I really don’t think I can drag this cup of tea out any more……time to face the electric fence tape! I need to move the ponies back to their former field where there is less grass. Mimi has gained a few extra pounds in weight, so needs to go on a diet….bless her. I know how she feels!

Bonne journée.



We’re open!!

Well…..where has the time gone?!!

La Petite Ferme Chambre d’Hôtes opened its doors to receive guests at Easter as planned!!

Since then, the bookings have been coming in a steady stream and we have had some lovely guests come to stay. We’ve also been getting some great reviews with 10/10 given on all aspects of the Chambre d’Hôtes by one group of guests! Our average review score is 9.8/10 on one booking website… far so good!

Life outside with the animals has been a little busy too! We had huge success with the chicks hatching in the incubator just before the Chambre d’Hôtes opened…..17 out of 18 eggs hatched! Sadly a couple of the chicks didn’t make it and some were sold when they were a day old, leaving 11 chicks, who are now absolute bruisers and are going to move in to the big hens’ accommodation at the weekend. They will be joined by 5 Cream Legbar chicks – I love this breed! The demand for eggs is high so extra reinforcements were required!

Also joining us tomorrow are 3 goslings….Gandalf and his 2 wives – and, next week, Laurel and Hardy – 2 kids (of the goat variety!) – are coming to live with us. I think Laurel and Hardy will be great playmates for Sage, my ram, who continues to be very naughty! I hope he doesn’t lead them into bad ways!

So lots of babies around, who, I’m sure, will all contribute something special to life at La Petite Ferme. So all is well…..if not a tad busy!

Laurel and Hardy with their mum, who is also coming to spend her holidays with us for a couple of weeks.



As you can see from the menu for the website, there is now a tab for ‘Partners’. This is because since last writing, La Petite Ferme Chambre d’Hotes has become the proud partner of Currencies Direct. Please click on the link on the side bar of the website to find contact details of how to access great currency and mortgage advice. By visiting the ‘Partners’ tab, you will find a link to the Currencies Direct conversion calculator to keep up to date with currency trends.

More good news today is that we are also now a partner of the Tourist Board for the Département of Morbihan! So you will soon be able to find us at!

It’s all good! 😄👌