What a good day!

As those of you who read my witterings yesterday know, I had a meeting to attend this morning. So, I put one of my other work ‘hats’ on, trundled off and, I have to say, the meeting was far more successful than I thought it was going to be. I love it when I’m wrong and the result of the meeting is me writing out a facture!

My theory to earning a living over here is that you have to have many strings to your bow. I have spoken to other people who feel the same. So, as far as I am concerned, I am just opening the Chambre d’Hôtes, which, of course, is fairly seasonal but I have other irons in the fire, such as being an Independent Organiser for Usborne Childrens’ Books, that I hope will take over when the tourist season is quiet, whilst still ticking over slowly in the background during the summer. That’s my theory anyway! We’ll have to see but it seems to work for others so fingers crossed!

As for the critters, they have been enjoying this beautiful, spring day and warm sunshine. Sage, the ram, was so engrossed in grazing that I managed to get through the gate without him even noticing! Might be different now though…..they have very good, built in clocks! I have now collected enough eggs from the girls to start up the incubator again. So will turn it on this evening and ensure that the correct temperature is reached and is stable and then pop the eggs in tomorrow morning. It’s amazing how long 21 days can seem when waiting for the patter of tiny feet!

Well, I’d best be off to see my mate Sage for our nightly game! Hopefully I’ll win tonight!

Bon weekend and chat soon!


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