My battle is lost!

This battle, you understand, is not one that is going to change the course of history but rather my daily battle with Sage, my Ouessant ram lamb, who sees it as a challenge to escape whilst I have the gate of the field open in order to top up their water and hay.


Sage is the little dear in front with the horns. Looks like butter wouldn’t melt, doesn’t he? Don’t believe a word of it! Tonight when I was opening the gate with a watering can full of water in one hand and the gate in the other, he somehow snuck around the back of my legs and……freedom! Take your eye of the ball for a second and that’s it…he’s out! As you can see, it’s not that he’s short of space or company (actually you may not be able to see the ponies, but they’re there!), it’s just that he sees it as a game!

So after 10 minutes of trying to encourage him to go back into the field – another game, I resorted to bribery with blé and he is now back where he should be….until the next time!

Actually, it was a beautiful evening here in 56 to be outside….warm with a hint of sunshine to make you think that spring is on the way. Also very welcome having worked on the iPad for most of the day, sorting stuff for the opening of the Chambre d’Hôtes at Easter. Lots achieved today but it has left me slightly bog-eyed! So I shall sign off for this evening and make preparations for my meeting in the morning.

Bonne soirée and chat soon!




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